This program comprises instructive sessions that enable young minds to identify and grow good habits and practice higher personal virtues.

Virtues are Gifts of Character.

Embracing and practicing the virtues within them will quickly change how children relate to others at school and at home. It opens their doors to personal growth and new opportunities.

1. Habits
Virtue is not something innately ingrained when we are born, but rather, something we practice and improve on. Growing in virtue means forming a new habit and continuing that habit over time.

2. Acts of Love
Virtues, at their core, are meant to be acts of love. Virtue habits are not meant to be positive actions in and of themselves, or a means to get something we want, but rather each virtue should be considered an ‘act of love’ or a gift of self.

3. A Better Version of Ourselves
When we intentionally form virtuous habits, we open ourselves to new opportunities and a truer version of who we were made to be.

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