"Teaching English Is My Passion"



English is as challenging as it is beautiful. I know this because I teach it to a diverse body of students from different countries, of different backgrounds and with different ambitions and purposes in life.

But English is not intimidating.
At least, it shouldn’t be.

And that’s what I am all about. I bring English to you, not you to English. I believe in being flexible, not rigid, about teaching it. I believe in adapting both traditional and modern teaching methods to suit you, the learner. I want you to not just learn English, but master it.

As a professional teacher with over 10 years of experience, I bring both passion and expertise to help each student to build their skills and confidence to achieve their goals. Therefore, I teach all students irrespective of their age.

Learning should be fun and enjoyable!

My teaching approach is adapted to suit the age, needs and interests of each student. I use a variety of resources including games, videos, exercises, flashcards, actions, sounds and conversations to make learning enjoyable and a memorable experience.

I try my utmost best to motivate and nurture every student to achieve their best and to build and have the right values and attitudes in life. I teach them to love and cherish their parents.

I strive to ingrain in them a passion and love for learning. My mission is to make a difference in the life of every student in their growing up, formative years as these are the crucial years in life. Once I rekindle in them the spirit of determination, passion and resilience, I believe that they will then be good filial children who will cherish their parents and they will be equipped to blossom in the years ahead of them.

We Aim To Make English Fun And Easy To Learn. Whether You Intend To Master The Language Or Merely Improve Your Fluency, We Have A Learning Plan For You.

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